As an accredited testing laboratory AB 308, we offer tests in accordance with EU standards


We provide professional training services in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning

Certification and control

Accredited Certification Department offers certification of products and people (competences)
About us

Polish research unit of the refrigeration industry

We perform research and development works regarding the effectiveness of refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, heat pumps and their components to the needs of companies. We issue ATP certificate.

Furthermore, we do certification of the above-mentioned devices in terms of their quality and CE conformity assessment in the scope of safety usage.

Accredited Refrigeration Laboratory and Certification Department - certainty and independence of results
Open to cooperation – we offer expertise.
We perform ATP tests (we issue an ATP certificate for refrigerated vehicles).


The only unit in Poland with many years of experience in the field of refrigeration

Achieving goals

We carry out commissioned work, expert opinions, and suggest solutions

Wide offer

Refrigeration equipment research, training, certification and more

certyfikacja osób, certyfikacja wyrobów, pomp ciepła, Keymark dla pomp ciepła
manometers measuring equipment for filling air conditioners,gauges.
Accreditations and quality marks

We will increase the credibility of your products

Many products require a quality label (CE mark , HP Keymark certificate , B mark) before they can be sold in UE. The quality marks indicate that the product has been tested and found to comply with safety, health and environmental requirements.
Other services

Our other services


We share our advice and our experience in the field of refrigeration

We have been trusted by many customers who obtained the ATP certificate, quality marks for services and the results of research on cooling devices. We accept orders for the testing of insulated bodies (ATP testing, GDP mapping, DPD), testing of heat pumps, air conditioners, fans, refrigerated display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment. Furthermore, we train people to obtain refrigeration competences (e.g. F-Gas training).