About us

About us
As COCH, we are an authority in the field of refrigeration equipment testing, control and certification

COCH is a scientific unit with many years of experience in the refrigeration industry in Poland. We perform research and development works on the effectiveness of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment and their components for the needs of companies. It also certifies the above-mentioned devices in terms of their quality and CE conformity assessment in terms of safety of use. For several years, we have also been offering a number of specialized training courses, after which participants acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to work with cooling devices and modern methods of installation and maintenance of thermal devices (including photovoltaics).

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Mosaic on the building of the Refrigeration R&D Center in Krakow
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Our services have been appreciated by a number of companies

We meet the needs of the market by offering new product research and certification in the field of refrigeration

The history of COCH

The first unit in Poland offering services in the field of refrigeration


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Accreditations for internationally recognized services

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We are developing the field of refrigeration in Poland

We are a notified body of the European Community to assess the conformity of products with European legislation.

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Our main advantage is professional experience, comprehensive services and flexibility. We assist in researching and introducing devices to the market.