ATP Agreement

ATP agreement

The agreement on the international transport of perishable food products and on special means of transport intended for these transports (ATP) was drawn up in Geneva on September 1, 1970. Poland has been a signatory of this agreement since 1984.

The ATP Agreement and its annexes are regularly updated by the Working Group for the Carriage of Perishable Food Products of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe known as WP11. The last changes were made on January 6, 2018.

The version of the ATP Agreement currently in force in Poland is contained in Dz. Of Laws of 2015, item 677.

The contract specifies the conditions that should be met by means of transport for the transport of perishable foodstuffs, it includes, among others definitions, standards, test conditions, marking of special vehicles and temperatures required during carriage.

The application of the provisions resulting from the ATP Agreement is obligatory for the transport of all frozen products and some chilled products.

By 2018, 50 countries had joined the ATP Agreement of this agreement.

The parties to the Agreement wish to contribute to the maintenance of the quality of transported food and the development of international trade in this area.

Contract types of transport:
  • car transport,
  • railway transport,
  • maritime transport (provided that the distance is less than 150 km and the goods are delivered without transshipment in means of transport used for road or land transport, or it is performed between two such land transports).