Electrical tests

Electrical tests

The COCH laboratory performs a number of tests in the field of electrical equipment safety and tests of electrical parameters of devices and installations.

Electrical equipment should be constructed in such a way that it will function safely during normal use and will not endanger people or the surroundings, even in the event of rough handling by the user, which may occur in normal use. Usually this is achieved by meeting the requirements set out in the standards and confirming compliance with these requirements by performing appropriate tests.

The standards define the acceptable level of security for devices and installations, including against electrical and mechanical hazards. They take into account the use of devices under normal conditions, as well as their operation under conditions of abnormal use that may occur in practice.

electronictests tlo
  • A set of tests in accordance with PN-EN 60335 and PN-EN 6024,
  • A set of tests to assess the compliance of products with the LVD directive,
  • Electrical safety tests (mark B),
  • Energy consumption research,
  • Power and current consumption,
  • Inrush current measurements,
  • Classification,
  • Marking and instructions,
  • Protection against access to live parts,
  • Start-up of motorized equipment,
  • Elements heating up tests,
  • Leakage current and electric strength tests,
  • Moisture resistance tests,
  • Overload protection tests,
  • Wear resistance,
  • Tests of operation in abnormal conditions,
  • Stability and mechanical hazards tests,
  • Mechanical strength tests,
  • Construction tests,
  • Internal wiring control,
  • Terminals, connection to the power supply and external flexible cables,
    Earthing connection tests,
    Tests of insulation gaps and thickness of solid insulation,
    High temperature and heat resistance,
    Rust resistance,
    Comparative study,
    Research for expertise,

At the client’s request, we also perform other tests of electrical quantities, in accordance with any agreed test schedule, and tests at the customer’s.


  • Refrigeration R&D Center in Krakow
    Juliusza Lea 116,
    30-133 Kraków, Poland
  • mgr inż. Dorota Niedojadło
  • mgr inż. Bogdan Szczepański
  • +48 12 637 08 57
    +48 667 600 635
    +48 503 021 131
  • laboratorium@coch.pl

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