GDP, DPD mapping

GDP, DPD mapping

Offer of temperature mapping tests in the cargo space of vehicles intended for transporting medicinal products.

The regulation of the Minister of Health on Good Distribution Practice regarding medicinal products imposes on entrepreneurs trading in these products, inter alia, obligation to map the temperature of the cargo space of vehicles intended for the transport of these products.

The Refrigeration R&D Center “COCH” offers temperature distribution tests (the so-called mapping) of the interior of thermally insulated bodies with an installed cooling or cooling-heating unit, for single or multi-chamber means of transport, for winter and summer periods.

gdp mapping tlo
  • Tests of temperature distribution inside the body without loading;
  • Tests of temperature distribution inside the body with loading.
  • Geometric dimensions: length 22m, height 4.6m, width 4m;
  • Temperature control range: -20 °C to + 40 °C;
  • Relative humidity adjustment range: from 20% to 90%;
  • Air speed adjustment range: from 0 m/s to 4 m/s.
  • Effect of door opening on the temperature distribution inside the body;
  • Simulation of generator failure or power outage;
  • The time needed to reach the desired temperature inside the body (set on the controller);
  • Other (to be determined with the Customer).

The COCH laboratory is accredited for testing in accordance with the standard PKN-DIN SPEC 91323: 2019-08 “Temperature-controlled utility vehicles used for the distribution of pharmaceutical products (for human or veterinary purposes) – Qualification Guidelines“.


  • COCH Refrigeration R&D Center in Krakow
    Juliusza Lea 116,
    30-133 Kraków, Poland
  • mgr inż. Dorota Niedojadło
    - laboratory manager
  • +48 12 637 08 57
    +48 667 600 635
    +48 503 021 131

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