The traditions of the Central Refrigeration Centre date back to 1946, when the CEBEA Central Office for Chemical Equipment and Refrigeration Appliances was established in Krakow. Over the next several decades, refrigeration was still dealt in Krakow, although in various organisational forms. A significant moment came in November 1960, when the Department of Refrigeration Equipment was established as an independent unit under the name of Centralny Ośrodek Chłodnictwa COCH.

In 1975, COCH was administratively merged with CEBEA to regain its full independence as the Research and Development Centre in 1990. During the many years of its existence, the scope of activity of the Centre, which began in 1946 with design and construction works, has expanded and currently covers scientific and research works, R&D, as well as model and pilot tests of new generations of machines and equipment for refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioners. The accredited laboratory carries out tests of new products implemented in the domestic industry, certification tests of means of transport for refrigeration, and tests related to certification of products for refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning.

The experimental facility carries out prototype constructions of machines and devices with particular emphasis on small-sized freezing tunnels, specialist alternating-temperature and low-temperature test chambers, test stands, etc.

With its modern equipment, highly qualified staff and many years of experience, the Central Refrigeration Centre COCH is perfectly prepared to solve the most complicated problems of the Polish refrigeration industry. The Central Refrigeration Centre COCH co-operates on a regular basis with academic centers, research and industrial organisations, including international organisations such as the International Refrigeration Institute.

The mosaic on the building of the Central Refrigeration Centre in Cracow is the work of Andrzej Rohacki and his team. The building was designed by Stanisław Ćwiżewicz and constructed in 1962-1965.