Product certification

Product certification

COCH certifies products for compliance with the requirements of legal regulations, standards and technical specifications in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps.

Refrigeration R&D Center “COCH” in Krakow is an accredited product certification body (accreditation of the Polish Center for Accreditation No.AC 036), meeting the requirements of the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17065 standard. Recognition of certificates issued by accredited bodies all over the world.

certyfikacjawyrobow tlo
  • Air conditioning equipment including air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigeration equipment;
  • Electricity receivers (EMC range),
  • Home electrical appliances,
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment.
  1. Submission of the application with the required attachments.
  2. Review of the application.
  3. Registration of the application and contract for product certification and supervision.
  4. Documentation evaluation and review.
  5. Decision on certification.
  6. Supervision over the certificate.

Information on fees related to product certification can be obtained by e-mail after sending an inquiry to the following address:

  1. The supplier undertakes to ensure that the certified products provided by him and specified in the certificate comply with the requirements of the standards listed in the certificate.
  2. The supplier agrees that the persons representing the certification body have access to the premises of the plant producing the product covered by the certificate during its normal working hours and will ensure the necessary conditions for the representatives of the accreditation body or other authorized organizations to observe the organizational and technical conditions control carried out by the product certification body ( access to places and documents related to the control of organizational and technical conditions).
  3. The supplier undertakes that the products for which the certificate has been granted are manufactured / imported in accordance with the same documentation as for the samples taken, which the certification body found compliant with the standard.
  4. The supplier shall immediately inform the certification body of any changes made to the product, production process or quality management system.
  5. The supplier (certificate holder) will keep records of all complaints and complaints regarding the products covered by the certificate and make them available at the request of the certification body.
  6. The supplier will take appropriate actions in relation to complaints and defects found in products and document these actions.
  7. The supplier has the right to withdraw from the certificate (termination) during its validity period, after notifying the certification body.
  8. During the validity period of the certificate, the Supplier shall ensure that the production plant can be inspected by the certification body in accordance with the adopted supervision schedule.
  9. The supplier is obliged to carry out the necessary activities resulting from the supervision within the time limit set by the certification body.
  10. The supplier has the right to announce to the public that he has a certificate for the products specified in it.
  11. The certification body allows the Supplier (the certificate holder) to use the unit’s trademark and will make this mark available in digital form and informs about changes in the right to use its trademark.
  12. The supplier may only make complete copies of the certification documents.
  13. The certification body undertakes to inform the Supplier about changes in the legal status of the unit and about changes in the certification system in a manner enabling the Supplier to adapt to these changes.
  14. The certification body supervises the fulfillment of its obligations by the Supplier, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the contract and the supervision schedule attached to the contract.
  15. The certification body assesses the product in accordance with the principles of confidentiality in relation to all information obtained in the certification process, taking into account the provisions on the protection of classified information and other legally protected information, except information publicly made available by the Supplier or agreed with the Supplier, and to which it is bound by law.

According to the Product Certification Program.


Appeals and disputes that may occur in connection with the certification process and the implementation of the provisions of the certification and supervision agreement are resolved in accordance with the certification body’s appeal procedure.



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