Refrigerated display cabinets tests

Refrigerated display cabinets

Refrigerated display cabinets tests carried out at COCH are accredited by the Polish system of research laboratories.
Refrigerated display cabinets, as defined in the PN EN ISO 23953 standard, are devices cooled with refrigeration systems, enabling the placing of cooled and frozen food products in them for display and storage in the recommended temperature ranges. The above-mentioned standard distinguishes a number of types of refrigerated display cabinets, e.g. vertical, semi-vertical and horizontal refrigeration furniture (counters), closed refrigerated display cabinets, display cabinets adapted to serving food by the staff, self-service, multi-temperature composite furniture and other components of furniture that have a significant impact on the correctness of their work are:
  • air outlet: an opening through which an air stream flows out constituting an air curtain;
  • air inlet: an opening through which the air curtain flows back into the air channels of the refrigerator;
  • night curtain: a type of night cover in the form of a curtain that can be slid over the opening of a refrigerator to close it and that can slide automatically.
Refrigerated display cabinets are widely used in the sale and display of food in all kinds of food stores, and the number of its various applications is constantly growing. Growing ecological and economic requirements, stricter regulations, as well as significant international and domestic competition force an increased interest in testing these devices. To meet these needs, the COCH Refrigeration Center in Krakow has developed test procedures in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 23953 standard. These procedures include the testing of all kinds of refrigerated display cabinets under normal conditions of use, with direct or indirect compressor cooling systems and attached or built-in condensing units, including closed furniture, designed to be turned off at night, and equipped with lighting and night curtains.
  • preparation of the test room, including checking the
  • compliance and characteristics of the room with the requirements of the standard;
  • preparation of furniture for tests,
  • the way the furniture is located in the room,
  • equipping the test room and the tested piece of furniture with instruments and measuring apparatus,
  • furniture start-up,
  • establishing measurement conditions,
  • temperature test (with defrost test),
  • water vapor condensation test,
  • electricity consumption test,
  • measuring the efficiency of the cooling system of the furniture.

The above-mentioned test procedures were verified by testing various types of refrigerated furniture. They made it possible to master the measuring technique and the technique of controlling the measuring stand, as well as the methodology of analyzing the operation of furniture in various conditions.

Cooling furniture tests performed at COCH are subject to the accreditation of the Polish system of research laboratories (accreditation of the Polish Accreditation Center No. AB 308), and a license to use the international ILAC MRA mark, on the mutual recognition of test reports issued by accredited laboratories around the world.

  • Refrigerated display cabinets tests (according to PN-EN 23953-2 standard),
  • Cooling (cooling) capacity of the installation,
  • Temperature test.


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