Testing of heat pumps PN-EN 14511, 16147 COP, SCOP

Testing of heat pump

A heat pump as defined in EN 14511-1 is an encapsulated set or sets intended as a unit to provide heat.

Heat pump testing performed at COCH is accredited by the Polish system of testing laboratories (Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AB 308), and is licensed to use the international ILAC MRA mark, which provides mutual recognition of test reports issued by accredited laboratories worldwide.

The domestic heat pump market is experiencing multi-year growth. In view of the high investor interest, it is very likely that this trend will continue in the coming years.

The following trends are currently observed:
  • The dominant ground source for heat pumps is and will remain in the near future;
  • The fastest-growing segment of the heat pump market are pumps dedicated to domestic hot water (in this category, two-digit increases are recorded);
  • There is a growing interest in high power heat pumps for commercial, industrial and heating applications. These pumps usually use geothermal or hydrothermal energy.
For standardization reasons, we distinguish the following types of heat pumps:
  • heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for space heating – CO (PN-EN 14511);
  • heat pumps for the preparation of domestic hot water – DHW (PN-EN 16147);
  • heat pumps with electrically driven compressors such as ground (direct evaporation) / water (cooling) for space heating -CO (PN-EN 15879).
The COCH Refrigeration R&D Centre in Cracow, in order to meet these tendencies, performs certified tests of heat pumps operating in the air/water, water/water, refrigerant/water, direct evaporation refrigerant/water systems. Tests are conducted in order to determine the energy and operational characteristics for factory-made devices with integral or separate condensers, factory-made devices with fixed or freely adjustable capacity, autonomous blocked devices as well as two- and multi-part blocked devices.
(1) Tests are conducted to determine the energy characteristics

1.1 Testing of heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for space heating according to EN 14511:

  • Heating/cooling capacity,
  • Electric power consumption,
  • Heating coefficient of performance COP
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio EER

1.22 Testing of heat pumps with electrically driven compressors of the ground (direct evaporation)/water (refrigerant) type for space heating, according to PN-EN 15879-1:

  • Heating/cooling capacity,
  • Electric power consumption,
  • Heating coefficient of performance COP
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio EER

1.3 Testing of heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for domestic hot water preparation (according to EN 16147):

  • Warm-up time,
  • Determination of standby power consumption,
  • Determination of useful energy,
  • Determination of COP (coefficient of performance),
  • Electricity consumption,
  • Determination of reference hot water temperature and maximum hot water volume.
  • Determination of seasonal heating efficiency index SCOPDHW,
  • Determination of seasonal energy efficiency of space heating ηs;

A heat pump for domestic hot water preparation is, according to EN 16147, a heat pump as defined in EN 14511-1, connected to or with a hot water storage tank.

1.4 Testing of heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for space heating and cooling at partial load conditions and calculation of seasonal performance according to PN-EN 14825 and Commission Regulation (EU) No. 813/2013 of 2 August 2013, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 811/2013 of 18 February 2013, European Parliament and Council Directive 2009/125/EC

  • Heating efficiency at partial load conditions
  • Determination of the seasonal heating efficiency ratio SCOP,
  • Determination of the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of space heating ηs,
  • Determination of the seasonal cooling efficiency ratio SEER
2. Performance testing of heat pumps

according to the requirements of EN 14511-4

  • Testing of the application range specified by the manufacturer
  • Test with shutdown of heat transfer fluid flow
  • Test with total loss of electric power supply
  • Test on defrosting system
  • Evaluation of condensation drainage and casing sweating test
3. Tightness and durability testing of heat pump installations
  • Testing according to PN-EN 378-2, PN-EN 14276-1, PN-EN 14276-2
  • Tests for conformity with the PED directive

Refrigeration R&D Centre “COCH” in Cracow is a notified body within the scope of the PED 2014/68/EC directive. The identification number assigned to the COCH certification body by the European Commission is 1462.

4. Acoustic and noise testing

Acoustic tests complement our offer of comprehensive tests of refrigeration equipment and heat pumps (among others, tests for obtaining the European quality mark KEYMARK). We perform measurements of the A-weighted sound pressure level, as well as determine the A-weighted sound power level in selected measurement conditions specified in the PN-EN 12102-1:2018-03 (as the only company in Poland), PN-EN 12102-2:2019-06, PN-EN ISO 3744:2011 and PN-EN ISO 3746:2011 standards.

Accredited testing refers to measurements for equipment such as air conditioners, liquid chillers, heat pumps, industrial process chillers and dryers with electrically driven compressors, heat pump water heaters and other machinery and equipment.

5. Safety testing of electrical household and similar equipment - heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers

These tests complement the testing of equipment such as electric heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

These tests focus on determining and evaluating the characteristics of the equipment in order to classify it as safe to operate. This includes tests of the unit’s operation under controlled conditions and abnormal conditions with overloading of the compressor motor and fan, and electrical circuits. In addition, mechanical strength, resistance to high temperatures, use of components, correctness of grounding connections, etc. are also assessed.

6. KEYMARK for heat pumps - HP KEYMARK

Our testing laboratory and independent inspection and certification unit have the ability to perform the necessary tests as well as verification, marking and factory inspection of products recognized with the KEYMARK mark. .

KEYMARK is the European certification mark indicating compliance of products and services with European standards. While the CE marking indicates compliance with minimum legal requirements, KEYMARK provides the consumer with a real added value: verified and certified compliance with uniform European Quality Standards.

A product can only be marked with KEYMARK if it has been previously tested and certified by a neutral, independent and competent body. The factory inspection and Initial Type Testing (ITT), in addition to regular maintenance, is an essential part of the KEYMARK procedure. The Heat Pump KEYMARK granted in one country will be respected in all the countries participating in the scheme.

7. Other tests

The laboratory also performs other non-standard tests, e.g. in thermo-climatic chambers or other tests within the available research capabilities. It is also possible to design and perform new test stands for the needs of specific tests, according to the arrangements with the customer.


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