Thermal tests

Thermal research

Research on operating parameters of cooling installations.

In the diagnostics of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump devices, it is necessary to measure characteristic quantities, most often these are measurements of temperatures, pressures and flows of factors related to the operation of these systems. Electrical measurements and control of the climatic conditions in which these devices operate are also important.

Measurements can be used, among others for energy efficiency assessment, optimization and failure detection.

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  • Temperature, pressure, refrigerant / refrigerant flow measurements;
  • Measurements of temperature, humidity, air velocity;
  • Element temperature tests.
  • condensation evaporation,
  • refrigerant vapor drawn in before the compressor,
  • compression at the discharge port,
  • oil in front of and behind the cooler,
  • cooling water before and after the oil cooler,
  • cooling air before and after the condenser,
  • condenser inlet and outlet water,
  • in the evaporator space (between the fins),
  • in front of the expansion valve,
  • chilled water in front of and behind the chiller.
  • air temperature and humidity air velocity,
  • barometric pressure.

Measurements of electrical quantities:

  • electric power consumed by compressors, pumps, fans, aggregates and other devices;
  • current, voltage, frequency;
  • leakage current, inrush current, short circuit current;
  • active, reactive power;
  • insulation resistance,
  • phase sequence.
  • Manometers,
  • Vacuum gauges – thermometers – humidity meters,
  • Flow meters (for refrigerants, water, glycol and other media) – anemometers,
  • Electrical parameter meters,
  • Instruments for measuring rotational speed,
  • Other.
  • Pressure measurements,
  • Suction,
  • Pairing,
  • Stamping,
  • Condensation,
  • Oil,
  • Suction and delivery of water and glycol in systems with circulation pumps.


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